Meaning offices are a full 1 to 4 degrees colder than the ideal temperature for women. So it’s no surprise to learn that 76% of women say their workplace is too cold.

Complaints about temperature seem trivial. But they’re far from that. Colder temperatures not only affect the comfort of women, but studies show they reduce women’s performance and productivity. And reduced performance and productivity means reduced career progression. As if women weren’t faced with enough adversity in the workforce.

But there’s good news. Unlike other systemic barriers for gender equality which require time and structural changes to address, the solution to this one is easy. Adjusting the thermostat to 23 degrees, a temperature that’s optimal for everyone, is a simple solution with a major impact that can be implemented today. With the single push of a button.

Turn The Temp To 23° and take concrete action as we push for a bigger discussion about inequality in the workplace.

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